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Operate wind turbines more efficiently with our tailored solutions for maximum profitability
Volt Energy
Energize Society By Reliable Energy!
Our mission is to bring renewable energy everywhere! We believe that wind energy solutions can and should be applied in virtually any situation.

At Volt Energy we believe in adding value to every project we are involved in. That is why we only work on projects where our experience will bring a competitive advantage to our customers. So far we have successfully collaborated with private investors, small and medium size companies, large corporations and NGOs.

Key Services Offered :

  • Technical DD
  • Construction, Supervision and Project Management
  • Operation Project Management
  • Site Layout Optimization
  • Grid Management and Compliance
  • Electrical Design and Commissioning Management
  • Wind and Operational Assessment
  • Production Analysis and Operation

VOLT ENERGY is focused on bringing together technologies and expertise to help solve the toughest power system challenges, accelerating the global transition to a greener, more resilient and reliable grid.

Technical Due Diligence is a process of analyzing the technical aspects of a product or...
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Our Project Management and Works Supervision services cover all phases during a project implementation.
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An operations project manager is responsible for monitoring the performance of the project team, ensuring...
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Efficiency of a planned site layout is essential for the successful completion of construction projects.
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Grid management sets out the rules for how Transpower as the grid operator will provide...
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Charge controllers regulate the rate of charge from your inverter to your battery bank just...
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Organizations must achieve a diverse set of strategic objectives. This is accomplished by translating strategic...
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Production Analysis provides a visual representation of production output and allows you to quantify production...
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Making Tomorrow Different Today.
Energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

Volt Energy experience in wind energy covers all aspects of engineering and consultancy, along the useful life-span of the wind farm, from the initial planning to the dismantling, passing through Due Dilligences, among others

Just deliver the task to Volt Energy, at the promised handing over time, find the mission completed successfully
Being reliable and honest are not enough to successfully complete the big projects. You should have a strong engineering background, dedicated specialists and high technologic resources.
We aware that market is very small and every market player would be mentioned with the practice left behind. Our relationships are based on long term corporation approach and client/partner satisfication.